>"Et tu, Brute?" : A letter to Amy Goodman and Democracy Now!

> Dear Amy Goodman,
As a big fan of your independent news channel and your ceaseless fight for global peace and justice, I was appalled to see that you held a very biased program on the Armenian genocide issue that does not serve in any way to make the world more just and livable.

On the issue of Israel-Palestine, you had given a change to speak even to a person like Alan Dershowitz. I wish you had the same integrity to invite a scholar that would hold different views on the issue of Armenian genocide (Justin McCarthy, Guenter Lewy, Bernard Lewis, Heath Lowry,…). But what you just did was to allow one-sided propaganda.

One Armenian participant was so ridiculously naive to liken the current behavior of Turkish government to that of a radical Islamic state. The same peson, who criticized Turkey of challenging the rights of Americans to speak up on the issue of Armenian massacres, had nothing to say about when the Washington speech of the Armenian Patriarch in Turkey (who held different views on the issue) was cancelled after pressures from the Armenian lobby or when the advertisement by the Turkish-American Jews was not printed in the Washington Post on the day voting took place in the sub-committee. The list goes on. But I think this is sufficient to make my point.

You did not even challenge the ridiculous claim that the number of Armenian people massacred was 1.5 million whereas even the total number of Armenian population in Ottoman lands in early 20th century was between 1.1 to 1.3 million according to Ottoman as well as Western archives.

I hope, as a sincere champion of global justice and peace, you will hold more balanced shows on this issue in the future.



By fekmekci

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